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Our product prices are below the average market price, thanks to our in-house production and direct supplies from leading manufacturers. We offer volume discounts and special deals for loyal customers.

Highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry are always ready to provide expert advice on any questions regarding our equipment and materials.

We offer approximately 200 types of products for reliable electrochemical protection, regularly updating our catalog with new items. All the products featured on our website are available in stock at our warehouse.

We offer self-pickup, courier delivery, postal delivery, or transportation company delivery options. We guarantee prompt deliveries throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to neighboring countries.

Equipment for ECP of own production

  • 1. Corrosion Protection Products for Pipelines
    • Anode grounding device of any modification
    • Cathodic protection stations (inverter-based and transformer-based)
    • Equipment for remote monitoring of cathodic protection stations
    • Current drain unit
  • 2. We offer a range of products designed to protect tanks, dock structures, river and sea vessels, armored cable communications, solar power station frames, and other metal structures from corrosion
    • Magnesium protectors
    • Zinc protectors
    • Aluminum protectors
  • 3. Auxiliary complex of electrochemical protection means
    • Diode-resistor blocks for regulation and distribution of ECP protection control and measuring points
    • Control and measuring points
    • Identification columns
    • Combined protection blocks
    • Above-ground and underground covers
    • Antivandal protection of cathodic stations
    • Coke-mineral activator for anode earthing stations
    • Graphite backfill of anode space
  • 4. Measuring Equipment for ECP
    • Comparison electrodes for measuring cathodic protection ECP
    • Corrosion rate sensors
    • GPS-synchronized interrupter
  • 5. Termite welding cables to pipelines
    • Disposable crucible mold
    • Thermite mixture
    • Reusable crucible mold
  • 6. Details of pipelines for galvanic isolation of sections ECP
    • Isolating monolithic couplings (electrically insulating inserts)
    • Isolating flange connections
    • Insulating connection
  • 7. Pipeline fittings for protecting pipeline deformation
    • Compensating coupling
    • Stabilizing device
  • 8. Pipeline Components
    • Swivel plug
    • Sliding supports
    • Rigidly fixed supports
  • 9. Lubricants
    • Quartz vaseline paste
    • Copper-graphite lubricant
    • Graphite lubricant
    • Ball joint grease
    • Copper lubricant
  • 10. Copper-plated tool
    • Copper-coated sledgehammers
    • Copper-coated screwdrivers
    • Copper-coated wrenches (all types)
    • Copper-coated pliers
    • and so on
  • 11. Industrial Products Made from Carbon-based Materials
    • Silicon carbide
    • Graphite powder
    • Lump magnesite
    • Carbon graphite
  • 12. Protection against short circuit between the enclosure and the pipeline
    • Sealing cuff with protective case
    • Spacer ring
  • 13. Power Line Traverses
    • All types of traverses
    • Clamps, brackets and accessories for traverses
    • Steel plate clamps

LLP «Renaissance SHIK» is a leading company in the field of electrochemical protection!

We specialize in manufacturing and providing comprehensive supplies of materials and equipment. We invite you to explore our range of products and purchase high-quality goods for your industrial needs directly from the manufacturer at competitive prices. We would be delighted to have you as our customer and are ready to promptly review your request and answer any questions you may have about our product range. Contact us now!